The Book is Here!

Sports in Black and White

Well, I have officially published a book of my research, Sports in Black and White. Here is a summary:

For years, black athletes were judged not by their abilities on the field or the court, but rather the color of their skin. This discrimination extended to all aspects of American society, existing even still today. By using the nation’s obsession with sports as a platform, civil rights activists and athletes were able to radically change the role of African Americans in society, and move toward achieving racial equality.

This book traces the advancement of the civil rights movement chronologically through sports, examining the athletes and coaches who had the greatest impact upon racial attitudes in America. What results is an in depth look at the powerful effect sports can have upon society and the truly awe inspiring dedication of some of the past century’s greatest athletes.

If you’re interested, you can purchase a copy here. I’m so excited to have achieved this goal, and now I can say that I’ve seen my name in print!

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