Sports in Black and White: The Book

Recently, I’ve been working to try and figure out how to meet one of my end of year goals- publishing a book of my research. My desire to do so stemmed from my attempts to find reading materials for my project. It seemed that although there were many books about race and sports, none traced the civil rights movement chronologically through sports. Some included essays about various topics, while others focused on the role race had played in the careers of former and current black athletes, yet I could not find a book that fully examined the civil rights movement and sports as I have attempted to throughout the year. Therefore, I decided that I wanted to be the first to accomplish this. Sure, hardly anyone may ever read it, but at least I’ll know that a book has finally been published on my topic.

As it turns out, taking articles written on a blog and formatting them to be published in a physical book is hard. I had tried out several self-publishing sites, all to no avail, when I stumbled upon a lovely little plug-in that allows me to select the posts I want to include before exporting the whole document as a pdf file. Perfect! Now, I have to find a way to turn that pdf file into a full on book with pages and covers and everything else I need. I’ve tried to use a few other publishing sites, but I’m still having some trouble with formatting and uploading. It’s all a lot more time consuming than I would have thought! Hopefully, with continued persistence, I’ll be able to figure everything out and be the first to publish a book that chronologically traces the civil rights movement through sports.

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