Project Playbook: Day 2

Last week, I held the second session of Project Playbook at Meeting St Academy. This time, we played flag football, a really fun sport, although I had to heavily emphasize that we would not be doing any tackling. With a group of around eight boys, we started off with some throwing and punting drills. Some kids were able to do these very well, throwing and punting the ball long distances. Others weren’t quite so advanced, so we worked more closely with them to teach them the finer points of the game and to help them learn the skills necessary to play. Then, much to the excitement of our little group, we began to play a full game.

Throughout the afternoon, the students were continuously enthusiastic and engaged. Their excitement made it fun for me to be out there as well, and once again I thoroughly enjoyed myself the entire afternoon. There were many times in which we were able to use certain situations to help emphasize teamwork and sportsmanship. For instance, all four of the players on one team wanted to do the kickoff. In order to settle this little dispute fairly, I held a number between 1 and 10 behind my back and had them guess to determine who would kick off. After one boy had been chosen, the others had to accept this decision and understand that next time around, it would be their turn to kick off. Little instances such as this have made me confident that these kids are truly gaining something from these sessions that will prepare them for years to come. I can’t wait to go back next time, and I’m currently trying to decide which sport to play… as of right now, I’m thinking basketball :)

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